This guy is German. He really is, trust me! Looking at his tour calendar, you wouldn`t know it. Because D-Nox spends more time abroad, captivating huge crowds worldwide with his genre defying sets between Techno, Electro and Progressive House, than in his motherland. About 95 percent of the time he is busy somewhere between Mexico, Israel, China, Australia, Russia, Japan or God knows where. Often playing in front of 20,000 and more party-goons at the most renowned venues. Has this man forgotten about his roots, neglected his heritage? Certainly not, but D-Nox is simply one of the top Export-Acts of his own country. How did this come about, you might ponder? Well, let me tell you...

This more than eager youngster already started spinning 12inches way back in the days, 1992 to be precise. He was instantly consumed by the first wave of Techno-Music that hit Germany at the time. Within a couple of years D-Nox had landed residencies at some of the elite clubs of his region; The Poison Club 1994-96, Ratinger Hof 1995-97, Area Code 1996-2000 and Evosonic Radio 1997-99. Basically never being out of a residency job for more than a few months. Of course simultaneously stirring up numerous top notch clubs such as the Tresor, Tribehouse, Ultraschall and the Aufschwung Ost. His intimate interplay between the electrified audience and himself is the reason for his immense popularity as a deejay. Preferably long sets with countless ups and downs are his trademark, toying with the hungry crowd for several hours, before finally dropping the party-bomb on them.

After gaining enough experience and musical know-how over the last decade, D-Nox decided to also pursue other goals. 2000 was the year he landed a job as an A&R for Tatsu Records. For the next 48 months the talent agent was active spotting the next big unsigned thing. But being the hack that he is, D-Nox started is own label called Sprout Music. Just a short period after which he also started the sub-label Plastik Park. This chap was practically breathing in music 24 hours a day.

His greatest accomplishments as a producer where yet ahead of this already extremely experienced know-it-all. The project D-Nox & Beckers was introduced to the electronic-community. Tracks such as Jetlag Slave (Baroque, UK), Seven Hours (Electribe) and Memory Cell (in cooperation with David Amo & Julio Naves from Spain) where all incredibly successful 12inches. All reaching the number one spot on Beatport, the international top download webpage for all electronic producers. The debut album had to ensue. 2007 marked the year of the LP Left Behind, which was once again released on the label Electribe. All new and original tracks were written and recorded for the longplayer. Instead of simply positioning one song after the other, D-Nox & Beckers intertwined all tracks with each other, giving the listener the vibe of a live DJ-mix. Left Behind was especially auspicious in Japan and Brazil. The first single Shanghigh was another enormous breakthrough track for the dynamic duo. Minilogue and Patrick Zigon remixes will be released shortly. Aside from their own productions, D-Nox & Beckers are highly sought-after remixers. Minilogue, Tocadisco and many well-known artists are among the musicians they have worked with.

The radio-show D-Nox In Demand is just another document for this mans ability to mesmorize millions. Regularly D-Nox presents the latest in electronic beats to the masses.
The audience is listening, one could certainly say. Not merely in his native land, but the entire world. Wake up Germany, D-Nox is right around the corner!!!

Frank Beckers is not someone who will need introducing to you if you have at all been in the club scene for the last 10 years; his current side project D-nox & Beckers is one of Germany´s most highly acclaimed duos for progressive house and probably the hotest sound around at the moment, reaching the playlists of world renowned DJ's like John Digweed, Satoshi Tomiie, Pete Tong and many more big room floor fillers. With 2 albums released under his former artist name of Space Safari, Frank Beckers has also had a huge chain of 12 releases on labels like Baroque, Electribe, Vapour and Infusions own label Polaroid, with his major breakthrough coming on Sprout music with the international best seller Switch. His most recent collaboration projects have been with Barcelona's kings of progressive David Amo & Julio Navas and he has also has various vinyl releases as Export Audio, now using the name Hatfield & Beckers for their forthcoming releases. Frank is not only a well established producer, but he is also working as a proffesional DJ for 8 years, playing in over 20 countries, and this year alone he played so far in New York, Tokio, Melbourne, Rio de Janero, Mexico City, Helsinki, Lissbon, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Budapest... and the list goes on! All this is not at all suprising, when you realise that many years before Frank Beckers started to produce his own music, he had already played in several rock and funk bands and that he'd infact started out his life as a musician in his early childhood days.

Brazilian producer Gabriel Serrasqueiro became worldly famous for his Psy Trance project - Wrecked Machines. The project took Gabriel to the world Top 55 rank in 2006, and helped Brazil to enter the international circuit of electronic music.

Now the Minimal Techno sets of his newest project, GABE, express the power of his previous productions, either solo or in very successful partnerships with D-Nox & Beckers, Ido Ophir, Christian Smith, and Dimitri Nakov, among others.

Along with those partners, Gabriel Serrasqueiro’s productions reached the top ranks in sales on Beatport, known as the main international electronic music site. He was also praised by people as Hernan Cattaneo, Laurent Garnier and Anthony Papa.

Acclaimed all over Brazil, GABE has always been among the 5 top Brazilian DJs in the rankings organized by the main media channels. GABE also won international recognition with the nomination for Best Revelation DJ in 2009, on Ibiza DJ Awards.
Sandrino loves House music!!!! It is more than a passion, it is his life!!!!!! The career of this young guy started in 2003 with a residency at the legendary Butan Club in Germany. Early 2006 he was picked up by DJ legend D-Nox to be the Sprout Records label DJ. His sound can be described as deep, techy, sexy, futuristic House music. Sandrino, Adrian & Tito formed early 2007 the project ..SATelite..! They released originals & remixes on labels like Sprout, Mashtronic & Echo Plast...

Lemon Popsicle is a deephouse project founded by Wollion, Adrian & Sandrino. Their first Releases appeared on Rebirth & ALiVE records from the UK and Lars Sommerfeld's ..twofaces.. Imprint from Germany. Meanwhile they have a big release & remix schedule on a lot of important imprints for nowdays, like: Sprout Music, Yellow Tail, Alive Rec…

2008 is also the year when D-Nox & Sandrino got together to host a new radio show on Proton radio called Sprout radio. The show will provide a new mix from Sandrino & D-Nox every month alongside a guest mix from one of their close friends.

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